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May 21, 2013

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Quality Magnetics Corporation Two Generations Serving Their Customers With A “We Can, We Will” Attitude! William Buckley founder of Quality Magnetics Corporation was looking for a great blanchard grinding machine and after much investigation and research he found the DCM machine tool grinder IG 280 SD. William said, “I found that the DCM grinder was perfect for the flatness grinding we needed. I am always looking to perform a job faster, better, and leaner and still maintain very high tolerances.

The DCM IG 280 SD fit all of our expectations. He continued, “We can set up the machine quickly and achieve the high tolerance flatness we need so much faster than any other machine we have used before. I highly recommend the DCM products and I will be looking to buy more of them as we expand and grow our operation. I feel now that we are getting precision parts out faster and our customers are sending more work here. Skip Green, our sales engineer, has been great to work. He was very helpful in attaining the model we finally purchased. We look forward to getting one or two more DCM machines and expanding our flat grinding capability for our customers.” About DCM Tech DCM Tech designs and builds a line of Industrial Surface Grinders, blanchard Grinder Rotary Table Surface Grinders, and Automotive Rebuilding Products. DCM Tech has provided quality machine tool equipment and customer satisfaction since 1974. Their response to customer needs over the years has allowed them to provide long lasting, application specific, solutions to customers worldwide. The utilization of DCM Tech Blanchard Grinder Vertical Spindle Rotary Table Surface Grinders has consistently brought dollars to their customers' bottom line via process improvement. ·DCM offers standard base machines with configuration features and accessory options ·DCM works with customers to define process needs and determine DCM machine configuration for specific grinding applications ·DCM works with customers to develop a process to meet customer specific quality and productivity requirements ·DCM works with customers to validate grinding processes via sample grinding and qualification runs at the DCM factory or at the customer's site. ·DCM provides Factory Direct sales and service as well as onsite setup and training of new and used equipment via factory Technical Specialists DCM Tech is an “American Made Manufacturer” of Industrial Surface Grinders, which includes an extensive line of Blanchard grinder Industrial Rotary Table Surface Grinders, Reciprocating Table Surface Grinders, Punch and Die Grinders, Meat Plate Grinders, Tool Room Grinders, Aircraft Brake Rotor Grinders, and Surface Grinders for Optical Fabrication. DCM Tech also manufactures Flywheel Grinders, Brake Rotor Grinders, Head and Block Resurfacers, Magnetic Particle Inspection Systems, and a complete line of Automotive Rebuilding Products and supplies. Whether it is precision grinding of glass, carbide, ceramic, metal, or engine component rebuilding, DCM Tech is valuable source for help and expert advice. DCM welcomes visitors to their plant to conduct process studies on their specific parts using DCM Tech equipment. This offer is open to all in order to qualify a process and confirm machine specification. If special fixturing or machine modifications are required, DCM Tech is equipped to address those needs with in house design, engineering and manufacturing services.

QMC, (aka Quality Magnetics Corporation) is a company you need to know. QMC is a Small Minority Business with 8A Certification, ITAR Compliant, and is certified to AS:9100 and ISO 9001:2008. They built their reputation on their ability to perform high tolerance work that their competitors have not been able to do. QMC’s motto is “Yes We Can!” Many years ago, East of Dallas, on a farm in Naples Texas there was a hard working young farmer who pushed a plow and worked the land from can see to can’t see. The young hard working farmer was Bill Buckley, founder of Quality Magnetics Corporation. His dream was to have his own business that had nothing to do with farming or pushing a plow. Bill’s goal was to make millions of something and to be able to hold them in his hand, and not push a plow. Bill Buckley formed QMC in April of 1973 with just 300 square feet of floor space, only 5 surface grinders, and a handful of customers. The controlled growth continued until 1991, when QMC moved into a 5000 square foot building. There they grew the customer base to over 100 customers. Today QMC’s facility is impressive with over 28,000 square feet of operating space. QMC has over 200 years of combined experience in Grinding, Slicing, Lapping, Centerless Grinding, Honing, and the company has maintained ISO certification for years and AS9100 certification since 2011, providing the highest level of quality for their customers. I talked with William Buckley the second-generation leader of QMC and he shared how much he had learned a lot from his Dad. From the early age of 12 William would come into work for his Dad’s business and sweep the floors and clean the shop. Of course this did not suit William, as he thought, “Hey, I’m the owners son, and I should be doing something better than a janitor’s job.” But, Williams Dad had other plans for his young son. Bill wanted William to be humble and start at the ground floor to learn every aspect of the business. As it turned out William ended up working at many other businesses before he came back full time to QMC. So back to the beginning, In the early days Bill Buckley partnered up with a machinist friend Anwar Dalaq and they made ceramic parts for the computer industry. In 1985 the industry changed and QMC realized they had to become more diverse. This is the time where the yes we can attitude really helped stimulate the business. QMC ventured into many new materials and would say yes to the new work. This will not fail and can do attitude landed new customers for QMC including Defense, Medical, Automotive, and many commercial customers. Bill was basically a non-degreed mechanical engineer solving problems for his customers and winning their trust with solutions. Bill passed on this mechanical aptitude to his son and today William, the president of Quality Magnetics Corporation finds himself looking at every problem or constraint with a mechanical solution. While running the QMC business William admits his knack is more on the process side and he likes to find leaner more efficient ways of doing things. He strives to find methods to make parts better and how to make them faster. William elaborated, “Our goal is to exceed our customer’s specifications. It’s actually in our AS9100 mission statement; to provide the best service and quality possible to exceed customer expectations in both quality and delivery. Our ability to hold high tolerances and be more cost effective has helped us stand out among our competitors.” The machinists who make magnetic types of components have to take their time and be careful to perfect these parts. It takes a different mindset to machine Alumina, cobalt, neodymium, samarium, garnet, zirconia, sapphire stycast, cordierite, quartz, stealite, pyrex, and ferrite. It takes many steps to prevent these materials from stressing and cracking. William said he sees automation in the near future as a method to maintain the processes and taking the human element out of moving material from one station to another. The 24 employees at QMC work a 4-10 schedule and enjoy nice long weekends. The longevity at QMC is many years of service. The team at QMC has been doing this a long time and are all versed at meeting their company needs. William works closely with his wife Ayshea Chante who is the director of finance. Ayshea worked in finance with one of the casinos in Palm Springs and has a strong background in business finance. William earned his degree in Business Administration from Azusa Pacific University and spent many years working in the in the film industry managing personnel, film location with multi-million dollar budgets. He admits that since he was 12 he has worked at QMC in many capacities. Today William is instrumental in researching and recommending machinery and equipment. For more information on obtaining the fastest delivery and highest tolerance magnetic products call Quality Magnetics Corp: 310-632-1941, www.QMCnet.com


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