Grinding Science Webinar

Grinding Science | tips & Calculations for process optimiation


Join Erik Lawson and Ashley Johnson as they answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the grinding process. In their experience helping customers optimize their processes, it often begins with understanding abrasives and entering the correct machine parameters.

The importance of using the correct abrasive in your grinding process cannot be understated. With the correct abrasive and material combination you can:

  • Decrease your process time
  • Reduce excess abrasive wear
  • Save your company time and money

This webinar will give you real world examples and calculations for understanding which abrasive to choose, how to calculate abrasive wear, how often to dress your abrasives, and more.

After abrasives, it is just as important to understand the way machine parameters, such as feed rate and table speed, affect the grinding process. Erik and Ashley will explain common grinding parameters and the affects they have on your finished parts to help you better understand what changes can be made in your own facility.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about abrasive types, calculating abrasive wear, and dressing conventional abrasives
  • Understand how changes in grinding parameters can lead to improvements in finish, reduced abrasive wear, and time savings
  • Learn tips about what to look for, how to measure, and how to achieve your desired surface finish on an industrial grinder



Erik Lawson | DCM Engineering Manager

Lawson leads the team of engineers at DCM and has been involved in qualifying and optimizing grinding processes for hundreds of customers. This process validation includes finding the right combination of feeds & speeds, abrasives, and equipment to reach the most efficient process possible. He has extensive experience grinding with materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass and optics, ceramics, silicon carbide, and more. As a result of his countless hours of research and testing, he is the factory expert on grinding process optimization at DCM.


Ashley Johnson | Marketing Manager

Johnson has been with DCM since 2019 and has extensive prior experience in the abrasives and metalworking industries. She works directly with the technical and engineering teams to qualify, test, and prove grinding processes for every potential DCM customer. This includes customers in industries like additive manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and optics. Her knowledge of customer and industry needs, coupled with deep understanding of the grinding process, make her an valuable asset to the DCM team.

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