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Industrial Surface Grinders

IG 080 M Rotary Surface Grinder

  • 18" rotary table
  • 10HP grinding spindle motor
  • Great for small job shops

IG 140 SD Rotary Surface Grinder

  • 12" rotary table
  • 5HP grinding spindle motor
  • Perfect size for tool rooms

IG 180 SD Rotary Surface Grinder

  • 18" rotary table
  • 10HP grinding spindle motor
  • Integral mist collection

IG 280 SD Rotary Surface grinder

  • 24" rotary table
  • 20HP grinding spindle motor
  • Automatic demag cycle

IG 282 SD Rotary Surface Grinder

  • 24" rotary table
  • 20HP grinding spindle motor
  • Precision X-axis cross slide

IG 380 SD Rotary Surface Grinder

  • 36" rotary table
  • 30HP grinding spindle motor
  • Integral coolant filtration

IG 480 SD Rotary Surface Grinder

  • 48" rotary table
  • 50HP grinding spindle motor
  • Auto maintenance reminders

Punch & Die Grinders

Punch & Die Grinder

  • 18" rotary table
  • 5HP grinding spindle motor
  • Autofeed control

Mini Punch & Die Grinder

  • 110V, 1-Phase
  • Accepts 6" grinding wheel
  • 1-1/2HP grinding spindle motor

Automotive Rebuilding Equipment

SG 7000 Flywheel Grinder

  • 10HP Wheelhead motor
  • Coolant filtration system
  • 3' x 3' footprint
  • Also grinds brake rotors

SG 7100 Brake Rotor Grinder

  • 10HP Wheelhead motor
  • Easily grind both sides without flipping the rotor
  • Also grinds flywheels

HB 3810 Head & Block Resurfacer

  • 25" table to cutter clearance
  • 46-1/2" table travel
  • 7.5HP grinding spindle motor
  • Industrial grade milling spindle

Magnetic Particle Inspection (NDT)

MPI 4562 AC/DC

  • 62" max part length
  • 500 lb capacity
  • 230V, 1Phase, 100Amps

Service Guides & How Tos

PLC Battery Update: FX3U-32MR

How to update the battery in an FX3U-32MR PLC unit. For preventative maintenance, we recommend this change every 5 years.

Date & Time Update: Touchscreen HMI

For those that lose power to their machine or are affected by Daylight Savings Time, this quick tutorial shows you how to easily update the date and time on your machine.

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