Resurfacing Aircraft Brake Rotors

Aircraft brake rotors are subject to extreme conditions and are a critical aircraft component requiring periodic resurfacing. The DCM IG 080 M provides the means to reliably remove stock fast.

Grinding each wear surface of the aircraft brake rotor is part of the brake servicing operation. Certain criteria are measured when resurfacing rotors. The weight and thickness of the rotor are taken into consideration for re-use in the brake rotor/stator stack. The wear surfaces are ground to remove the majority of the grooves and other irregularities created by use, heat and debris. Aggressive stock removal insures rapid cleanup of friction surfaces as well as the capability to finish the rotor to the desired thickness and weight specifications. Integral mist collection and external swarf collection options contribute to shop safety and cleanliness.

Worldwide machine of choice for aircraft brake rotor grinding:

IG 080 M With Aircraft Rotor