Rotary Surface Grinders


IG 480 SD Rotary Surface Grinder

The IG 480 SD is our largest capacity and most powerful DCM style rotary surface grinder. It features a 48” diameter electromagnetic chuck with configuration features of through table vacuum, air or hydraulic clamping. The variable speed 50HP grinding spindle provides exceptional grinding performance with both conventional and superabrasives.

IG 380 SD Rotary Surface Grinder

The IG 380SD is configured with a sliding door enclosure, air/mist filtration and swarf system with continuous filtering of the coolant. Clean coolant results in repeatable grinding performance. It also features a 36” diameter electromagnetic chuck with configuration features of through table vacuum, air or hydraulic clamping.


IG 282 SD Rotary Surface Grinder

The IG 282 SD is packed with innovative features making it more powerful, precise, and most importantly, even easier to use. The touchscreen HMI controls feature a bright and easy to read display with new features such as automatic maintenance reminders, pre-loaded instruction manuals and PDFs, and an internal memory for repeatable process automation.

IG 280 SD Rotary Surface Grinder

An exceptional rotary surface grinder for glass and ceramic applications. Conversational programmable control provides convenient process automation. The servo driven z-axes delivers true feed rates and repeatable positioning. It can be used in any low, mid, or high volume application.



IG 180 SD Rotary Surface Grinder

The IG 180 SD Grinder provides a fully enclosed, close tolerance package with a 3'x 5' footprint which provides a heightened level of process cleanliness where air quality is crucial. With the productivity of rotary surface grinders, the IG 180 SD is designed with glass, ceramic and crystal fabrication in mind.

IG 140 SD Surface Grinder

DCM Tech’s IG 140 SD rotary surface grinding machine fills some big shoes but with a small footprint. It has a 32″ x 26″ footprint and a 56″ x 26″ operating envelope. This rotary surface grinder uses minimal shop space. Operating parameters are fully programmable for processing alloy, ceramic, and crystalline materials. The 12″ rotary table can be configured to accommodate a variety of vacuum, hydraulic, or magnetic production work holding systems. Mechanical design features include servo-driven precision ball screw feed, enclosed dovetail ways, cast iron machine foundation, and a precision cartridge spindle with 5hp variable speed drive. The DCM IG 140SD may be the answer to your production requirements in the tool room, job shop, or manufacturing cell.

IG 140 SD
IG 080 M With Aircraft Rotor

IG 080 M Surface Grinder

The IG 080 M is a Rotary Table Surface Grinder that has all the benefits of a BIG rotary surface grinder, but in a small footprint. The IG 080 M Rotary Table Surface Grinder's straightforward grinding performance is suitable for rough grinding as well as mid-tolerance work.

PDG Punch and Die Grinder

A Rotary Table Surface Grinder that sharpens  any style turret tool and small punch press tools with ease and automation. Optional features make it ideal for the toolroom also.

Punch & Die Grinder Full Enclosure
Punch & Die Grinder Mini

Mini Punch and Die Grinder

The MINI Punch and Die Grinder is ideal for use in cells (110V compatiable) with turret presses and is an efficient and economical solution for sharpening turret and punch press tooling. It uses vertical spindle rotary table grinding action, coupled with a CBN superabrasive grinding wheel to sharpen tools. Manual feed, simple to operate.