Magnetic Materials Fabrication

Planar Grinding of Materials for Permanent Magnets

The advantage of DCM grinders over conventional surface grinders for the fabrication of rare earth materials for permanent magnets is the processing speed and control capabilities for thickness dimensioning.

The production of current technology magnetics calls for the processing precision provided by DCM rotary grinders. High efficiency motors, sensors and generators utilizing materials such as neodymium, samarium cobalt, Alnico™, and ferrite can be processed to precise planar dimensions. The quick set up and available precision of grinding on DCM rotary grinders is often the better choice, allowing the use of “stock sizes” to be rapidly processed. This is especially the case where new designs must be proven without the expense of custom forms or molds.

Whether it be for final finishing of a rare earth magnet, grinding a core to thickness or squaring a ferrite block prior to slicing, a DCM grinder is an efficient solution.

Machines of choice for magnetics applications:


IG 280 SD

IG 180 SD

IG 140 SD