IG Series Rotary Surface Grinders

IG Series Rotary Surface Grinders

IG Series Rotary Surface Grinders

DCM-Tech has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of rotary surface grinders. If you are in need of a rotary grinder for production, job shop, or lab use, consider a new DCM machine.

Our rotary surface grinders have evolved by meeting the needs of customers in fields as diverse as electronics, aerospace, photonics, and metalworking.

Our machines are utilized in production and maintenance of tooling, bearing parts, seals, spacers, pump components, motor parts, aircraft and automotive brake rotors, carbide tooling, prisms, lenses, wafers, windows, metrology part prep and much, much more.

DCM equipment is made in Winona, MN and sold and serviced factory direct, worldwide.

IG-Series Chart-2

IG 080 M

  • 18" rotary table
  • 10HP grinding spindle motor
  • 36" x 36" shop footprint

IG 180 SD

  • 18" rotary table
  • 10HP grinding spindle motor
  • Small shop footprint

IG 280 SD

  • 24" rotary table
  • 20HP grinding spindle motor
  • Easy to operate controls

IG 282 SD

  • 24" rotary table
  • 20HP grinding spindle motor
  • Precision X-axis cross slide

IG 380 SD

  • 36" rotary table
  • 30HP grinding spindle motor
  • Fully enclosed clean grinding

IG 382 SD

  • 36" rotary table
  • Automation compatibility
  • Advanced technology

IG 480 SD

  • 48" rotary table
  • 50HP grinding spindle motor
  • Perfect for large jobs

IG 482 SD

  • 48" rotary table
  • Available part detection
  • Precision cross slide

IG Series Surface Grinders


DCM Part Detection System

The integrated DCM part detection system:

  • Automatically detects initial workpiece contact and begins grinding cycle
  • Features auto-dress capability with selectable dress frequency
  • Allows the operator to adjust the part detect feed rate & table speed
  • Is available on all IG 82 series rotary surface grinders
Minimize damage to high value parts

Minimize damage in production of high value parts.

Save time by automating programming steps

Reduce the need for multiple manual programming steps.


Touchscreen HMI controls are easy to learn and operate.


Pair with automation to take your production to the next level.

Example: IG 282 SD Part Detection System using incremental grind mode

  1. Enter desired material removal amount into the machine control “Grind Distance” field
  2. Load part(s)
  3. Cycle start machine which starts spindle, table, coolant flow, mist collector
  4. The machine spindle will feed toward the workpiece mounted on the rotary table at a programmable “Part Detect Feedrate” and “Part Detect Table Speed”
  5. Once the wheel makes initial contact with the workpiece the machine switches to the programmed grinding feedrate and table speed then travels the programmed feed amount from the wheel/workpiece contact point
  6. After travelling the programmed feed amount, the machine dwells, retracts and shuts down
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