Press Die Maintenance

The DCM vertical spindle and rotary table configuration makes quick work of die maintenance jobs vs time consuming conventional reciprocating surface grinders. There are compelling advantages of using DCM grinders for the maintenance of press tooling.

In high volume stamping applications, press downtime equates to lost revenue. DCM grinders reduce downtime by speeding up the die maintenance process, bringing more dollars to the bottom line.

Fine blanking benefits of clean sheared edges and thin web sections are enhanced with DCM grinders contributing to speedy preventive die maintenance where flatness and surface finish are critical.

DCM rotary grinders can be used for maintenance or production of components including stripper plates, pressure pads, sub plates, dies sets, plates, parallels and powdered metal punch and die rings.

Other tool and die grinding applications include carbide drawing dies, roll form dies, extrusion dies for plastics and aluminum.

Machines of choice for tool and die applications:


IG 380 SD

  • 36" rotary table
  • 30HP grinding spindle motor
  • Fully enclosed clean grinding

IG 280 SD

  • 24" rotary table
  • 20HP grinding spindle motor
  • Customized workholding available

IG 282 SD

  • 24" rotary table
  • 20HP grinding spindle motor
  • Precision X-axis cross slide

IG 180 SD

  • 18" rotary table
  • 10HP grinding spindle motor
  • Small shop footprint