DCM Consumables and Supplies

for Industrial Surface Grinders, Rotary Table Surface Grinders, Reciprocating Table Resurfacers, Automotive Flywheel Grinders, Automotive Brake Rotor Grinders, Automotive Head and Block Resurfacers, and Magnetic Particle Inspection Systems

At DCM Tech, we strive for quality which is the standard by which our company is judged. Our commitment to deliver Consumables and Supplies with greater levels of performance is the result of our continuous effort in design efficiency.

As our surface grinder technology becomes more technically advanced, so does the quality of the supplies that DCM Tech offers to perform with them. Use our genuine DCM Tech Consumables and Supplies to maintain optimal performance and quality for our entire American made product line of Industrial Surface Grinders, Reciprocating Table Surfacers, Punch and Die Grinders, Meat Plate Grinders, Tool Room Grinders, Aircraft Brake Rotor Grinders, and Surface Grinders for Optical Fabrication.

DCM Tech continues to support its longstanding line of Flywheel Grinders, Valve Seat and Guide Machines, Brake Rotor Grinders, Head and Block Resurfacers and Magnetic Particle Inspection Systems.

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Basic Consumables:

DCM Tech Part Description DCM Tech P/N
Coolant Filtration Media for Rotary Table Surface Grinders
100 Yard Paper Roll for Production Coolant Filtration System 91-06953
Replacement Secondary Coolant Filters 62-06938
Coolant Filter Replacement Pack - 50 Sheets for basket style filter 03-08458
Water Soluble Synthetic Coolant for Flywheel Grinders (Rotary Table Surface Grinders)
1/2 Gallon Coolant Mix (25:1 mix ratio) 03-01221
5 Gal. Coolant Mix (25:1 mix ratio) 03-05109
Way Oil
Column Lube and Way Oil - 1 Pint 03-03179
Mist Collector Filters (600 CFM unit) for IG 180/IG 280 Rotary Table Surface Grinders
Chevron Prefilter 48-08472
Aluminum Mesh Filter 48-08471
Replacement Paper Cartridge Filter 48-08473
Mist Collector Filters (1200 CFM unit) for "old-style" IG 280 Rotary Table Surface Grinders
Chevron Prefilter 48-07709
Aluminum Mesh Filter 48-07710
Replacement Paper Cartridge Filter 48-07708
Star Wheel Dresser Sets for Flywheel Grinders and Rotary Table Surface Grinders
Dresser Cutter Set (Spindle not included) 66-00384
Dresser Cutter Spindle (Cutters Included) 66-00388
Containment Rings for Rotary Table Surface Grinders
18" Diameter Mag Chuck Containment Ring 69-06332
24" Diameter Mag Chuck Containment Ring 69-06738
Magnetic Particle Inspection Consumables
Blacklight Replacement Bulb 28-04319
Flourescent Magnetic Powder - 1 oz. 03-04256
Premixed Solution with magnetic powder - 5 Gallons 03-04183
Magnetic Carrier "solution only" - 5 Gallons 03-11373
Inserts for HB Head and Block Resurfacers (Reciprocating Table Surface Grinders)
1/2" Diameter CBN Insert 95-91193
1/2" Diameter PCD Insert 66-06661
Shim Seat for PCD Insert 66-06662


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