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The benefits of DCM's industrial surface grinders extend beyond just grinding performance, and include improved tool maintenance, reduced downtime. Read why you should make the switch today!

Why Rotary Surface Grinders are a Game-Changer for Ceramic Manufacturers

By investing in a state-of-the-art rotary surface grinder, you can unlock the full potential of your ceramic manufacturing operations, positioning your company as a leader in the industry.


Explore the future of high-speed production with our advanced rotary surface grinders, designed to be 'robot-ready.' Seamlessly integrate third-party robotic arms for a fully automated grinding process!

Streamlining metal am build plate resurfacing

The aerospace and automotive industries are increasingly relying on metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) to expeditiously create weight-saving components with complex geometries, different material properties, and minimal setup times. To construct each part, advanced 3D printers melt, or partially melt, ultra-fine layers of metal powder on build plates.

Optical Glass | Rotary Surface Grinders

For job shops that prepare a variety of glass and crystal workpieces for optics and photonics-related applications, modern, automated rotary surface grinding equipment can not only achieve tighter tolerances in less time but also provide “endless possibilities” compared to traditional grinding equipment.

Metal & Alloys | Rotary surface grinders

Machine shops that grind metal or alloy surfaces flat to remove material or achieve a precise thickness now have “endless possibilities” to improve their precision as well as production speed and control with more advanced, automated units.

webinar: grinding science | Tips & Calculations

Join Erik Lawson and Ashley Johnson as they answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the grinding process. In their experience helping customers optimize their processes, it often begins with understanding abrasives and entering the correct machine parameters

An Interview with Engineering | Robotics

Erik Lawson is the Engineering & Operations Manager for DCM Tech. The DCM Engineering team is always busy working to advance our technology, improve our equipment, creatively help solve our customers’ pain points, and designing custom items like fixtures.

IG 280 SD At Monaco Tool

Joe Monaco owner of Monaco Tool Company comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and as he tells it, has only worked for another company for 6 years of his life. Joe is a diesel mechanic by trade and credits his early machine shop class in high school for his burning desire and knowledge of machines and motors.

Die Maintenance & Sharpening

Processes like surface grinding don’t get much play when it comes to the center stage event—the hydraulic press. Craftsmen skilled in the design, repair and performance of the tooling used in these heavyweight presses will tell you that the details behind the scenes are as important as the machines performing critical parts manufacturing.

Quality Magnetics Corporation

Quality Magnetics Corporation Two Generations Serving Their Customers With A “We Can, We Will” Attitude! William Buckley founder of Quality Magnetics Corporation was looking for a great blanchard grinding machine and after much investigation and research he found the DCM machine tool grinder IG 280 SD.

Past Meets Present | Punch & Die Grinder

In the course of any equipment’s life, the opportunity for a company to upgrade it typically arises. For those businesses that opt to change equipment, they must decide whether to try something new or go with an improved model from the same manufacturer. Thomas Industries Inc., Wabasha, Minn., chose to do the latter with its punch and die grinder from DCM Tech Corp., Winona, Minn.

Sharpen Your Punch

Sharpening punch tooling consistently and correctly can help a fabricator save time and money in its punching operations. These suggestions can help a fabricator determine if the company is efficient as it can be with its maintenance program for punch tooling.

Nothing Standard About This Fab Shop

Rob Marelli left a family-owned metal fabricating company four years ago with the intention of doing things his way. Joined by a loyal group of managers and employees, he’s found success at Seconn Fabrication. In the short time the company has been open, it has earned revenues of $9 million.

Punch & Die Grinder | Fabricator Feature

McQuay international develops a strategy to prolong tool life for turret presses. As part of its tool management program, McQuay International sharpens its turret punches with automated punch and die grinders. Source: DCM Tech Corp. At McQuay Manufacturing, turret press operators follow a standard procedure.

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