DCM SG 7000 Flywheel Grinder

SG 7000 Heavy Duty Flywheel Grinder

DCM Tech's SG 7000 Flywheel Grinder is built with rugged quality.

The wide array of optional and standard tooling, heavy duty construction features, and industrial heritage provide the best value in the industry.

Standard machines come with manual feed. Power head positioning and autofeed are available to reduce operator effort and increase production. DCM's exclusive Intelligent Autofeed not only advances the grinding wheel but senses motor load and backs off incrementally if the wheel loads up.

At the end of the grinding cycle this incremental wheel retraction provides a final spark-out for improved finish and surface accuracy. The SG 7000 flywheel grinder is equipped with a 10HP spindle motor and direct drive table rotating on a precision roller thrust bearing.

An available fully enclosed shroud keeps the operation clean and quiet, while a coolant filtration systems delivers clean coolant to the grinding surface. Ask about all of the advanced configurations available on the SG 7000 flywheel grinder.

A comprehensive assortment of grinding wheels and mounting adapters assure the most efficient production available on any work or piece.

  • Automotive flywheels and pressure plates
  • Diesel and Industrial Flywheels
  • Racing floater plates
  • Brake rotors
Abrasive Options:
  • DCM P/N 18-08161-100-83, 6" Self-Dressing CBN Wheel (Lasts 10X longer!)
  • DCM P/N 18-00495-040-12, 6" Black Medium Hard Grade
  • MANY Other Conventional Flywheel Grinding Stones Available
SG7000 flywheel grinder
Shown with optional enclosed shroud and coolant filtration system.
Machine Specifications
Electrical Requirements 230/460v 3ph 60hz (other voltages available)

115V, 1ph, 60hz required

Wheelhead Motor 10 HP
Table Motor 36 rpm
Floor space 3' x 3'
SG7000 weight 1250 lbs.
Vertical Clearance 10"
Maximum Workpiece 25"


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