Technical Specialist: Doug Henke


Doug Henke

Doug has been a strong addition to the DCM Technical Specialist team. He is a proud Navy veteran, former wrestling coach, and the official game show host of the DCM Annual Holiday Party. He is extremely talented in understanding new technology and working with our engineering team to customize machines that fit the customer's changing needs.

Proudly serving the South & Southeastern United States, & Mexico. Contact Doug Today!

Doug's Region


How long have you been with DCM? Since April 2013

Favorite DCM memory? Selling my first machine.

A fun fact or something unexpected about yourself: Been to every us state but Alaska, and all continents but Antarctica.  I am a 6 year Navy Veteran, but in that time I never stepped foot on a Navy ship, I was always on planes.

What is your favorite food? Pepperoni Pineapple Pizza

Name a thing you couldn’t live without?  Summertime

What is your favorite vacation spot? Seychelles

What are your hobbies?  Wrestling Coach, Golfing, Non Profit Foundation President, Watching Sports

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?  Navy Seal

What is your favorite DCM machine, and why? The IG 282 SD because I like moving forward with technology.

What is the best part about working at DCM?  The family atmosphere, and compassionate coworkers.

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