Technical Specialist: Brian Ebbinger


Brian Ebbinger

Brian has an ear for music, a taste for great food, and we think, the voice of an angel. When not moonlighting with his band "The Bootleggers", Brian is also the voice for all DCM official machine videos. His well rounded personality, and deep DCM machine knowledge make Brian a Technical Specialist we are all proud to work with.

Proudly serving the Western United States & Canada. Contact Brian Today!

Brian's Region


How long have you been with DCM? Since April 2015

Favorite DCM memory?Working with a customer to implement DCM’s first (and largest) IG 480 SD Grinder

A fun fact or something unexpected about yourself:I still listen to vinyl records.  My collection is 1500+ and growing

What is your favorite food? Sushi

Name a thing you couldn’t live without?  My guitar

What is your favorite vacation spot? Central Coast California

What are your hobbies? I sing and play guitar in a trio called “The Bootleggers”

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Pilot. (Now I help some of our DCM customers build or maintain planes and helicopters)

What is your favorite DCM machine, and why? IG 280 SD – It’s a solid tried and true grinder

What is the best part about working at DCM? It’s a family-like atmosphere, everybody works together to make a great product

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