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DCM Technical Specialists

A top notch team to answer all your questions from pricing and sales, to machine service requests, they can do it all!

Technical Specialist Regions


To get your questions answered quickly contact your regional Technical Specialist directly.

Western United States & Canada: Brian Ebbinger

Midwestern United States: Randy Taylor

South & Southeastern United States & Mexico: Doug Henke

Northeastern United States, Canada & Other International Regions: Mike Anderson


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Meet the Team

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Brian Ebbinger

Territory: Western United States & Canada
Sings and plays guitar for a three person band named "The Bootleggers"

Doug Henke

Territory: South & Southeast United States & Mexico
A proud Navy veteran who wrestled or coached wrestling for 30+ years

Randy Taylor

Territory: Midwestern United States
A pilot with a daughter in the Air Force and son that is a commercial pilot.

Mike Anderson

Territory: Northeast United States & International
He has skydived, bungee jumped, AND just become a grandpa of twins.

Service Manager


Adam Stevens

Adam Stevens has been the Service Manager for DCM since 2019. His mechanical mind and ability to help customers when they need it most have made him a perfect addition to the DCM team. When he is not helping our customers, Adam has a passion for racing almost anything big or small.

Contact Adam today for service questions about your DCM machine.

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