IG 280 SD at Spyderco

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Spyderco proudly designs and manufactures some of the finest knives in the United States. Its knives, shipped in the hundreds of thousands per year, with more than 100 distinct product SKUs, are used by nearly every segment of the population: Knife aficionados, ‘The Save and Serve’ organizations (e.g. police forces, fire squads, emergency personnel), and they even manufacture cutting knives used in kitchens.

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Tom Koenig at Spyderco says, “DCM makes an exceptional line of rotary surface grinders. Our DCM IG 280SD is well suited for grinding in mid and high volume applications. The programmable control saves grind parameters by part name for repeatable process automation. The servo driven z-axis delivers true feed rates and repeatable positioning. We were excited to purchase from DCM because their machines are all American made, completely in the USA…..”

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