IG 280 SD at Monaco Tool

Joe Monaco, owner of Monaco Tool Company, said, “….I needed a grinder I could run all of my parts on, sometimes at the same time. I saw this DCM-Tech grinding machine at a trade show and I got a firsthand demonstration on it. I knew this might save me some time and trouble by controlling this process in house. I sent some parts to DCM-Tech and I got back some really great samples. I bought the DCM-Tech IG 280 SD grinding machine tool because I felt it would do all of the parts I could ever dream up for my tool assemblies and it is so easy to run. The DCM-Tech machine is well constructed and I can say that because I’ve been around machines and machine tools all of my life. I know a quality machine when I get my hands on it. I think these DCM machines are built to last….”

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The DCM-Tech IG 280SD Surface Grinder is an exceptional machine from DCM’s line of rotary surface grinders. It’s used, for the most part, in mid and high volume applications. The programmable control saves grind parameters by part name for repeatable process automation. The servo driven z-axes delivers true feed rates and repeatable positioning. This model brings the best characteristics of rotary surface grinders to every business model. Grinding applications include: Fuel Injection Solenoids, Cast Iron Screw Compressor Heads, Carbide Slitter Knives, Silicon Plates, and much more. Machine Specifications include: Swarf Removal Coolant Filtration, 20HP Grinding Spindle Motor, Variable Speed Grinding Spindle, Air Mist Collector, Rotary Table Options 18 Magnetic (Std.) 24 Magnetic (Opt.) 18 T-Slot Table with Through Spindle Air or Vacuum, 76 x 64 Footprint (with Swarf Filtration).