FF Journal article: Past Meets Present

Past Meets Present

DCM Tech draws from established machine design for punch and die grinders

FFJournal by Lisa Rummler

In the course of any equipment’s life, the opportunity for a company to upgrade it typically arises. For those businesses that opt to change equipment, they must decide whether to try something new or go with an improved model from the same manufacturer. Thomas Industries Inc., Wabasha, Minn., chose to do the latter with its punch and die grinder from DCM Tech Corp., Winona, Minn. The company purchased its first PDG more than a decade ago and upgraded to a newer model, says Dan Prokosch, manufacturing engineer at Thomas Industries. “The original purchase was prompted by the speed and consistency over a surface-grinder method, and the coolant also reduced the chance of tool ‘burning’ to nearly impossible,” he says. “We upgraded because of the newer features.” These include higher accuracy of the drive increments, which reduces wheel wear, and a more user-friendly control, says Prokosch. Thomas Industries uses its PDG for thin turret punch and die sharpening and end-prepping shafts and pipe…..

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DCM Tech has been building, selling and servicing grinders for 35 years to customers around the world. Accordingly, the PDG is based on a machine design that’s more than 30 years old. About 12 years ago, DCM Tech came up with a fixture design for the machine to hold different styles of turret press tools, says Mike Anderson, product manager at DCM Tech. “We’ve taken a proven machine design and then made special fixturing to go with the machine,” he says. “This fixturing includes three-jaw chuck and a permanent magnet chuck that allows you to hold pretty much any turret tool. It also allows you to hold tooling for progressives and punch press tools. It’s a versatile machine as far as what sort of tools you can sharpen on it.” Additionally, the PDG has automatic feed, which allows operators to walk away from the machine after it is set up and placed into motion…..