FF Journal article: Loving the daily grind

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Loving the Daily Grind

By Lincoln Brunner

…Last year ADC Telecommunications purchased its second industrial punch and die grinder (PDG) from DCM Tech Inc. about seven years after purchasing its first one. ADC has 13 punch presses running two eight-hour shifts, five days a week, punching parts out of all kinds of material: aluminum, steel, copper, brass and even plastic, in thicknesses from 0.0060 in. to 3/16 in. With that volume of tool use, the onus is on the technicians in the tool crib to help keep errors, such as tool deflection, from decreasing the quality of the components coming off the turrets. And that means maintaining the tooling. “We’re running a lot of tools, and we need to do them faster and more efficiently,” Rybak says. “It [the PDG] just helps my whole process. The PDG combines universal fixturing and an interchangeable, three-jaw chuck with a PLC auto-feed control, allowing Rybak to clamp in a punch and then occupy himself with other tasks while the machine is working. “This is ‘set it and forget it,’” Rybak says….

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…The PDG features universal fixturing with an interchangeable three-jaw chuck and permanent magnet. In addition, the PDG uses a 15-gallon recirculating coolant system with basket-style filtration. Mid- to high-volume operations are what the PDG was designed for, Green says. However, smaller shops that deal in shorter runs of higher-end products also have an interest in maintaining their tooling….FFJ